8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade Virtual Graduation
Posted on 05/12/2020

8th Grade 
Virtual Graduation

Friday, May 29th, 7:00pm
Will be posted online

We are preparing our 8th-grade virtual graduation as our AGCS 8th graders prepare to enter high school. This virtual ceremony will follow the same traditional format as with our in-person 8th-grade graduation with a few adjustments. We will honor all of our 8th-grade students’ accomplishments and contributions to our AGCS family. We understand this can be disappointing as our 8th graders look forward to their traditional 8th-grade dinner dance and graduation. However, we hope to provide you with a uniquely beautiful experience where we pay tribute to this milestone in your child’s educational experience at AGCS.

As a sign of our appreciation for 8th graders and their families’ support, you will receive a bracelet and gift. Thank you for choosing AGCS for your elementary and middle school experience. Please wear these bracelets as you watch your virtual graduation and feel our warm embrace.

The virtual graduation ceremony will be posted on Friday, May 29th at 7 PM. Some suggestions for this experience:

  • Share the post with family and friends.
  • Wear something nice or a fun celebratory shirt.
  • Play fun games during virtual graduation.
  • Post memories on social media sites.
  • Keep spirits high! Facetime classmates after the ceremony.
  • Schedule some type of celebratory gathering with friends for the future. Even if you can’t make a firm plan right now, make sure you at least set a rough date to make informal arrangements so that you all have something to look forward to in the future.

We have 8th-grade graduation lawn signs for each of our graduates. We are asking that each family picks up their sign on Friday, May 15th between noon at 2:00 PM. Cars should enter the parking lot and pull to the front of the building. School personnel will deliver the sign so please stay in your vehicle. Please email Heather Griffith at hgriffith@agcharter.org if you’re unable to get your sign or the date and time do not work for your schedule. If needed, a second date and time will be communicated by the end of this week.

Please share one picture of your favorite AGCS memory with family or friends with us! Please understand we will not be able to use every picture.

Light up the Night for AGCS Graduates. The school and the AGCS community will light up their homes with blue and gold lights to celebrate all graduates the week of 5/31.

Please email pictures of your home celebrations of unity bracelets, lawn signs, virtual graduation, and light up your homes to socialmedia@agcharter.org.

At a further date, we will send information on scheduling a time to pick up belongings, yearbooks, and book/equipment return. When coming to the school we encourage you to decorate your car in celebration of your 8th-grade graduate and do a goodbye wave to teachers and administrators.

Thank you, AGCS Administration