Resources and Links

Midterm Exam Anxiety 

Midterm exams can be stressful! Our Midterm Exam Guide is filled with helpful tips on how to be successful on midterm and final exams.

Information on Peer Relationships/Social Skill Building

For great information to share with your children on understanding the difference between bullying and normal peer conflict, strategies for intervening and what they can do if the witness bullying, and finally ways you can help address negative social behaviors your child may be exhibiting, download the Bullying Information Chart. 

Dateline Tackles Bullying

As a crisis that affects 3 million kids, bullying is put to the test by a Dateline NBC hidden camera setup. Parents, alongside parenting experts, watch what their own kids will do as bystanders to staged bullying scenarios, beginning with a group of teenage girls. Kate Snow reports. Watch this eye-opening segment, My Kid Would Never Bully.

Test Anxiety

Does your child get anxious before a test? Is is affecting their performance on tests? Check out Very Well Minds' webpage on Overcoming Test Anxiety.