Curriculum Areas

Avon Grove Charter Middle School is committed to providing each and every student with the opportunity of excelling to their highest potential.  We are given the task to take a young child, and within three years, prepare them to be a responsible student ready for the rigors of a challenging academic high school.  It is a challenging and often daunting task, as these students seem to literally change overnight from such a young boy or girl, into young men and ladies, ready to meet that challenge head on.

Language Arts

By the time students reach the middle school level, their reading skills have generally been very well assessed.  In the middle school we provide four levels of language arts classes so students are properly challenged, but not overwhelmed with the reading material.  As a base for all the classes, we have the Holt Elements of Literature Series.  This text is completely aligned to the Pennsylvania State Standards to assure that all standards are properly addressed.  In addition to this text, we also have Junior Great Books and many novels so the students will be exposed to a wide variety of literature, including classics and recently released books.  Grammar is taught using Houghton Mifflin English, and through writing using the a dedicated writing program.  Our 8th grade students also are scheduled a rotating Writing elective that is taught by our 9th grade English teacher.  This helps prepare our MS students as to the expectations of our High School staff regarding their writing, grammar, and mechanics.


There are multiple levels of math instruction in each grade level.  The levels are tailored to fit the needs of the students while still providing curriculum that is aligned to the state standards.  AGCS utilizes McGraw-Hill's core math curricular materials.  These materials are consumable materials and each student is issued an individual text and workbook. For those students who are working above grade level in Algebra or Geometry, access to our High School math courses are available depending upon entrance examination scores.


The middle school science classes at AGCS are taught using a spiraled approach that incorporates 21st century skills and STEM based learning.  During each year of middle school, students cover one unit each of physical science, life science, and earth science.  They also have one semester of environmental science each year.  The scientific concepts are spiraled throughout the curriculum, accentuating their importance and helping students retain the knowledge that will prepare them for the rigor of high school level science classes.  The middle school also holds an annual science fair where students compete for the coveted "Best in Show" trophy as they display their knowledge of the scientific method though their own choice of experiments.

Social Studies

Our History program  in Middle School focuses on an in-depth analysis of United States History and Government over 7th and 8th grade.  This provides a strong foundation in the skills needed to be successful in our High School program.