Senior Pages and Baby Pages

Senior Pages and Baby Pages
Posted on 01/31/2020

High School Yearbook
Senior Pages and Senior Baby Pages

Seniors can buy a page, or a portion of a page in the yearbook, to publicly show the whole high school their favorite moments with their friends and family from the start of their elementary education until their senior year of high school. Seniors can buy pages for themselves or split the cost of the page with a friend. Download and Submit the Senior Pages Form - English or Senior Pages Form - Spanish with cash or check to Ms. Fees (room 19) NO LATER THAN March 2, 2020 .

As a courtesy, the Avon Grove Charter Yearbook Staff will be creating ALL baby pages with your submission of baby photos. Please fill out the Baby Page Form - English or Baby Page Form - Spanish. To reserve a baby page, please submit this form and payment by February 24th, however the photos for the baby pages are not due until March 9, 2020 .

Please send photos via email to OR have your child give physical copies, with names attached, to Ms. Fees by March 9, 2020 .