Parent College Planning Information

Avon Grove Charter School’s CEEB Code is 395181


  • Your student should attend visits of college representatives by listening to morning announcements to find out when they will be here or check the Guidance Office. Your student must sign up for the visit 24 hours prior to the visit and check with their teacher the day before to see if it’s okay for them to miss that class. They must have the teacher’s permission!
  • Identify your final list of colleges to which you will apply. You can use college guides located in the guidance office and websites for this information.
  • Have your student write, call, or e-mail admissions offices of colleges of your choice to get applications. You may also apply on-line or use the Common Application if it’s a school that participates in the Common Application.
  • Have your student fill out their part of the application, completely. Make sure they read the directions carefully, check your spelling and all information they add. This should be done by your student.
  • Make sure your student pays attention to ALL deadlines, including ROTC, Army, Navy and Air Force

·  Application deadlines

·  Test deadlines: be aware of the required tests of the schools in which you are interested.

·  State Universities are getting increasingly competitive. It would be wise to get those applications in during October and November (PSU main campus–no later than November). If you have lower SAT scores and grades, you want to have back up plans.

·  Allow at least two weeks for the guidance office to process your applications. In general, get your applications in before Thanksgiving.

·  Time of application: do NOT wait for test scores before applying, do NOT wait for sports scholarships before applying.


  • You must have a release form that is obtained in the guidance office. Student and parent sign, unless the student is 18 years or older.
  • Types: Official (has a seal and counselor signs) is the type that should accompany your college applications. Unofficial may be used to take with you when you visit a college.
  • Contents: courses, grades, cumulative (9-11 grades) grade point average, and credits.
  • A school profile is also sent with transcripts which explains course coding and weighting of courses. 

College Visits to AGCS

  • Posted on the bulletin board near guidance office for visitations
  • Students must sign up 24 hours in advance and must speak with their teacher prior to the date of the visit in order to be permitted to attend

How Colleges Evaluate Your Student

  • Academic record
  • SAT and ACT scores. Your student must know what tests are required by the college and if official scores are required
  • Recommendations
  • Essay–how well your student communicates and conveys more about themselves as an individual
  • Extra-curricular record
  • Number of applicants - quotas ex. regional
  • Be aware of the differences in admission standards among colleges

Types of Admissions

  • Early Decision: be aware of deadlines, must be committed to that school
  • Early Action: earlier deadline but student does not need to be committed to that school
  • Rolling Decision: as they come in they will be reviewed
  • Some have standard notification dates


  • Some applications have fees and others do not based on whether you visit the school, etc. Be aware that these fees can add up.
  • There are fees to take the SAT, ACT, as well as fees to send score reports
  • Tuition payments may be per semester or monthly

Factors in Selecting a College

Good questions to ask your student…

  • Does the college have the program you want?
  • What is the length of time you are planning to study–2 yr., 4 yr., graduate school?
  • Do you want to live in a dorm or commute?
  • Curriculum: which courses must you take? Check out the college catalog; it will tell you specifically.
  • What are the costs? Do you understand loan payments after college?
  • Is the school private or public?
  • Location: urban, rural, the region?
  • What is the size of the school? (small: 1500) (large: 30,000)
  • What are the community life and cultural advantages of this school?
  • What activities will be available at college ?
  • Does the school have a study abroad program?
  • What are the facilities like?

Financial Aid

PHEAA  PA Higher Education Assistance Agency 

FAFSA Applications  Applications cannot be submitted before January 1. Check instructions on the form/online for specific filing deadlines. It is free to file this form.

CSS Profile Colleges that require the CSS Profile will state this on their applications. There is a fee to file this form.

Grants Money given to your student they will not have to pay back.

Loans Money borrowed that your student will have to pay back. 

Work Study   Opportunities are available at schools so your student can work for the school and be paid

Guidance Office  Check with the Guidance Office and listen to morning announcements for various scholarships. 

Financial Aid Office                    Contact the Financial Aid Office of each college to which your student is applying