Community Service Requirement

One of Avon Grove Charter School's core values is that of promoting "service".  AGCS is committed to the concept that service extends beyond our school walls and that it makes a positive impact on the surrounding communities.  As a Charter School that attracts students from across multiple districts in Chester County, AGCS students have the opportunity to serve multiple communities, organizations, and people within the surrounding area.

To promote this value, AGCS requires students in the class of 2020, 2021, and 2022 to complete a minimum of fifteen (15) documented community service hours for each year they are in high school in order to graduate.

This is a graduation requirement.  Failure to complete the required community service hours, whether school or community based, will result in the school withholding a student diploma and students will not be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Each community service activity must be documented and submitted to the High School office. Court adjudicated community service is no eligible to be used for graduation purposes.

Students can visit this page to obtain the required documents and to gain information regarding various community service opportunities.

AGCS Community Service Documentation Form

Note: Starting with the class of 2023,  this community service requirement will change under the Culminating Portfolio requirement.