Specials - Art, Library, Music, & Physical Education

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Specials


In the art room, Mrs. Bannon focuses on a variety of artists, classroom connections, and school art. She teaches the students about artists from all around the world. She always tries to make connections between these artists and classroom curriculum. Mrs. Bannon teaches the children how important it is to be a good artist for their school. She always displays their artwork and insists that they create everything for special school events. For example, the children design the backdrops for school performances, they create table decorations for special lunches, and assist with any posters and publicity needed. Mrs. Bannon’s teaching style can best be summed up by her favorite quote…”Every child is an artist, the problem is remaining one once he or she grows up!” -Picasso.


During their time in the library, students learn the process of locating and checking out books. In K-3, Mrs. Ahern has devoted some of her instructional time to teaching students to use technology in a split special setting. The students are working on developing typing skills, accessing interactive websites, and utilizing software such as Excel and PowerPoint. Mrs. Ahern hosts many events throughout the year to promote learning, such as, StoryTime at night and Kids Vote.


The K-3 music program teaches students the basic fundamentals of instruments, music theory and music appreciation. Mrs. Reynolds' music classes are full of movement and interactions with a variety of instruments. Sample units include famous composers and creating a track for a movie scene using Garage Band.

Physical Education

In our P.E. classes we teach everything from manipulative skills to cooperative games. Group games are the focus as a means to emphasize teamwork and developing lifelong skills. Students participate in various units throughout the year that include: scooter/parachutes and more!