Top Five Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Letter Day is it?
A. We keep an updated list of letter days right here on our website. You can reach it from our home page, on the left, under Quick Links. When school is canceled (snow day,) we do not skip the letter day; it moves to the next school day. For example if Tuesday is "C" day and school is canceled, Wednesday will be "C" day, Thursday will be "D" day, and so on.

Q. When is Car Line?
A. State Road Campus
          Morning car line: 7:20am to 7:33am
          Afternoon car line: 2:15 to 2:30pm

    Early Learning Center at Kemblesville
          Morning car line: 8:05am to 8:20am
          Afternoon car line: 2:45-3:15pm

Q. What are the scheduled Early Dismissal ("half day") car line times and when will my child's bus arrive at home?
A. State Road Campus: 11:15am
    Early Learning Center at Kemblesville: 11:30am
    Buses should arrive approximately three hours early. 

Q. Is lunch provided on scheduled Early Dismissal ("half day") days?
A. No. We recommend that students bring a bagged lunch or hearty snack.

Q. If I pick up my child early or drop off my child late, at what time does it count as a "full day?"
A. State Road Campus: 11:00am
    Early Learning Center at Kemblesville: 11:30am

More Great FAQ's

Q. How do I email the main office?
A.  For K-3rd grade,  elcmainoffice@agcharter.org 
     and for 4th-12th grade,  staterdmainoffice@agcharter.org

Q. When do I need my driver's license for the Raptor security system?
A. For the safety of our students and staff, we require your driver's license if you will be entering the building past the front desk or if you are picking up your child. If you are simply dropping off an item at the front desk, you do not need your driver's license.

Q. If the school district that buses my child is closed due to inclement weather,  is my child obligated to come to school, since there isn’t any transportation provided?
A. Of course we would rather your child attend school, but if you are unable to provide transportation, it will not be counted as an absence. In this case only, it is not necessary to send a note to school because our Attendance office is aware of which districts are closed.

Q. To whom do I write my check?
A. Unless it's otherwise specified on the form, please make your check out to Avon Grove Charter School.
Q. How is the Charter School different from a traditional public school?

A. Charter schools are authorized by Pennsylvania Act 22 and by Federal Law. Charters are privately managed public schools. They are authorized by a public district, and must report to the authorizing district  once each year.

Q. Is the Charter School the same as a private school?
A. No. Private schools require families to pay tuition. Charter schools are publicly funded and any student in Pennsylvania may attend.

Q. Is there a cost associated with attending the Charter School?
A. No. As a public school in Pennsylvania, Avon Grove Charter School cannot charge for educational services.

Q. Does the Avon Grove Charter School offer tours or an Open House?
A. Yes. Please contact the Main Office for more information.

Q. What grades are in Avon Grove Charter School?
A. Kindergarten through 12.

Q. Can all of my children attend the same Charter School?
A. Yes.

Q. How many students are in each Class?
A. Kindergarten hovers around 23-24. However every Kindergarten class has an aide and students are pulled out for enrichment or supportive services throughout the course of the day. Middle school classes average 15-18 students per teacher, and high school classes may enjoy a 1-14 ratio.

Q. What is discipline like at the Charter School?
A. The administrative and school governance structure at Avon Grove Charter School (AGCS) is somewhat streamlined, therefore serious disciplinary issues are usually dealt with in a speedy and effective manner. Throughout the course of its existence, AGCS has had very few disciplinary issues of any serious gravity.

Q. How does Avon Grove Charter School measure success as compared to other regional schools?
A. Avon Grove Charter School does very well on standardized assessments and has consistently scored first or second among charter schools throughout Chester County for the last six years. It is one of a select few charter or public schools to make adequate yearly progress for six consecutive years.

Q. Is transportation provided for students?
A. Transportation is available from the following districts: Avon Grove, Oxford, Kennett, Octorara, Unionville, and Coatesville. While any student from Pennsylvania may attend Avon Grove Charter School students who do not come from the above-mentioned districts must rely upon their families to transport them.

Q. What are your school hours?
A. State Road Campus: 7:35 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.
    Early Learning Center at Kemblesville: 8:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. (ELC Office open 8-4)

Q. Does Avon Grove Charter School have a dress code?
A. Yes. Please check the handbook available on our website.

Q. Do you provide extra-curricular activities?
A. Yes. We offer sports (soccer, volleyball, cross-country, cheerleading, and basketball)beginning in 8th grade. Most of our other activities are provided by outside contractors and have included YMCA sports, everyday artists, young Rembrants, Girls on the Run, and Science  Explorers.

Q. How many of your seniors are accepted at colleges?
A. Our past and present graduate percentage of Avon Grove Charter School students being accepted at a 4-year college is 90%. This places AGCS above all regional public high schools.

Q. Do you offer tutoring for students who are having academic difficulty?
A. Yes. We offer tutoring as well as a variety of other support for our students.

Q. How do I obtain an application to the Avon Grove Charter School?
A. AGCS now offers an online application process to our prospective families.
Please visit our Enrollment Website to complete your Enrollment Application.
Haga clic aquí para la solicitud de inscripción, por favor.

Q. How long will it take before I know if my child will be selected to attend your School?
A. Avon Grove Charter School holds a lottery in the spring for the following school year. If your child's name is drawn, you will be notified immediately by email. 

Q. Do you have an active parent/teacher organization (PTO)?
A. Avon Grove Charter School PTO is very active and offers a variety of opportunities for parents to become involved in the AGCS community. We also have the Wolfpack Booster Club to help raise funds for sports programs.

Q. Are volunteer opportunities available for parents and if so, what kind?
A. The Avon Grove Charter School PTO offers a wide variety of opportunities for parents to participate in school events and activities. Parents may also volunteer in individual classrooms. Teachers make volunteer opportunities available to parents throughout the year.

Q. Do you have security and safety measures in place at Avon Grove Charter School?
A. Yes. Student safety is our utmost priority at AGCS. We have installed security fences and camera systems to provide a high level of security. We now require all visitors to have their driver's license scanned through the Raptor system, then they are issued visitor badges for easy identification.