Special Education

The Avon Grove Charter School is committed to ensuring a passion for life-long learning one student at a time regardless of disability. We are committed to an inclusion model with supports and services provided within the context of the regular education classroom to the maximum extent possible.

Students suspected of having a disability are provided an intensive psycho-educational evaluation to determine if that student qualifies under one of the 13 Disability Categories Under the IDEA and whether that disability is impacting the student’s access to the curriculum.

For students who are found eligible as needing special education support and services, we will gather an IEP team to develop an individualized plan to meet the student’s unique needs. This team includes both school representatives, families and the student (if 14 and older). A special education teacher is then designated to monitor student’s progress on individual goals within the IEP and provide interventions, as necessary, to meet the student’s needs. Ancillary services such as Speech, Occupational Therapy, and/or Physical Therapy may also be provided as an outcome of the evaluation conducted.