Late/Absent Policy

For student absence, call (484) 667-5000 and select option 1 for K - 12. Please leave your name, child's name and reason for the absence. You may also send an email to  You will receive a response to your email if you send your note this way.

If the school does not receive notification of the absence, a call will be placed to the main contact number in the student's record, requesting confirmation of the absence. Any absence not followed up with a written excuse within three days will be automatically considered unexcused.

An absence of three (3) or more days requires an original doctor's office visit note to be excused. Similarly, any student who has been sent a letter for having more than ten (10) parent-excused absences must have an original doctor's office visit note to excuse any absence for the remainder of the year. This does not apply to pre-approved vacations.

Please use the following form for your absence note:   A Note to School