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Absences and Vacation Requests

Please email the attendance office:

Early Dismissals

Please call the main office by 10:00am. Early Dismissals are permitted until 1:30; after that, please pick up your student in car line. 

State Road Campus      484-667-5000
Early Learning Center   610-255-5325

General Contact Information

4th-12th Grade

State Road Campus
110 State Road 
West Grove, PA 19390 
Phone: 484-667-5000 
Fax: 610-869-5892
State Road Campus Map

3rd Grade

Early Learning Center
at Kemblesville 
1769 New London Road
Landenberg, PA 19350
Phone: 610-255-5325
Fax: 610-255-5380 
Early Learning Center at Kemblesville