Dual Enrollment

Avon Grove Charter School has concurrent (dual) enrollment agreements with three post-secondary institutions:

  • Delaware County Community College
  • West Chester University
  • Immaculata University

These agreements allow a junior or senior to enroll in a specified course at one of these schools and, provided the student is accepted, earn one AGCS credit and three or more college credits simultaneously. The student must provide his or her own transportation, but the tuition fees may be reduced by the college and/or be subsidized by Pennsylvania Department of Education grant money. Students interested in this option should discuss details with their counselors when scheduling courses for the following year.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Allows students to get an idea of what college coursework will be like
  • Exposes them to the academic environment of college
  • Allows them to take courses not offered at AGCS
  • Can help students explore and get a better idea of their academic interests
  • Students can accumulate college credit at a reduced price while in high school


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Delaware County
Community College

Dual Enrollment Agreement
Dual Enrollment Application
Link for information
The deadline to apply is
August 1 for Fall,
December 1 for Spring,
 May 1 for the Summer I, and
 June 1 for Summer II.

Immaculata University

Held at AGCS at night. 
Please contact Ms. Basilio
for an application and information.

West Chester University

Please contact Ms. Basilio
directly for more information.

The following is a list of courses that AGCS will accept for one high school credit via DCCC.  Please see DCCC's Dual Enrollment Webpage for the full explanation of the course descriptions and directions on how to enroll.

ACC 100 – Applied Accounting

ADJ 101 – Intro to Criminal Justice

ADJ 110 – Criminal Law

ARB 101 – Elementary Arabic 1

ARB 102 – Elementary Arabic 2

BIO 110 – General Biology 1

BUS 100 – Intro to Business

BUS 105 – Into to Entrepreneurship

CHE 101 – Intro to General Chemistry

CHE 110 – General Chemistry 1

ECO 210 – Macroeconomic Principles

ENG 100 – Composition 1

ESS 102 – Intro to Astronomy

ESS 110 – Physical Geology

FRE 101 – Elementary French 1

FRE 102 – Elementary French 2

GER 101 – Elementary German 1

GER 102 – Elementary German 2

HST 201 – African-American History

INT 100 – Student Success

ITA 101 – Elementary Italian 1

ITA 102 – Elementary Italian 2

MAT 100 – Intermediate Algebra

MAT 151 – College Algebra

MAT 152 – Pre-Calculus

MAT 160 – Calculus 1

PHI 100 – Intro to Philosophy

PHY 105 – Physical Science

PSY 140 – General Psychology

RUS 101 – Elementary Russian

SOC 110 – Intro to Sociology

SOC 210 – Cultural Anthropology

SPA 101 – Elementary Spanish 1

SPA 102 – Elementary Spanish 2

TCC 111 – Technical Communication

AGCS always encourages its students to challenge themselves academically.  If a student chooses to enroll in a course not listed above, AGCS will not accept its credit transfer for high school credit.

If a student does not score high enough on the ACCUPLACER assessment, they may be required to take one or more of the following courses before taking any courses listed above.  These courses will NOT count for credit at AGCS:

  • REA 50 – Reading 2
  • MAT 40 – Basic Mathematics
  • ENG 50 – Developmental English

If you are interested in a course related to introducing your student to college, with material like career exploration, goal planning, skills assessments etc, DCCC offers a course entitled INT100 that covers those topics in hopes to help prepare students for college. It is worth college credit and will transfer to a four year college or university.

West Chester University offers very limited courses for dual enrollment.  To see the list of course offerings and process for enrollment, please visit WCU's Dual Enrollment Webpage.

Guidelines for High School Students Participating in Dual Enrollment

Students who wish to enroll in a class or attend classes on a part-time basis through our Dual Enrollment program should follow the following procedures:

  1. Submit a written request to the Guidance Counselor, co-signed by the parents and the student at least 30 days prior to the student starting such a class or classes. The Guidance Counselor will meet with the student to discuss the course, high school graduation requirements, and travel plans to attend that class should it be during the school day.
  2. The request must list the course title, number of college credits, name of the college, a copy of the course syllabus, and evidence of admission to the college course. 
  3. All college fees and tuition will be at the expense of the parents and/or student.
  4. Transportation to and from the college, university, or trade school will be the responsibility of the parent and/or student. Students cannot register for a class that starts before 2pm.
  5. All rules and regulations of the district still apply to the student while the student is enrolled at the high school.
  6. Earned college credits will count in the total credits required for graduation. Three college credits will equal 1.0 high school credit.