Job Shadowing/Community Service

Job shadowing is a useful way to learn about a particular job or career of interest.  It involves spending time following (shadowing) a professional in that field area to get a sense of what the job, occupation, or field is really like.  It is an effective way to learn whether a particular field may be the right fit for you prior to making post-secondary commitments.

AGCS students choosing the Job Shadowing pathway will be required to complete a minimum of three (3) separate job shadowing experiences with at least three (3)  hours devoted to each instance. These job shadowing experiences are permitted to be completed within the same field or career cluster, however, may not be with the same individual unless prior approval is obtained.  Shadowing experiences with a parent/guardian or family member must have prior approval from administration.

After each shadowing instance, students will complete a reflection activity within Naviance on their experience, how the experience aligned with the college and/or career goals, and items learned from the experience.

Students will be required to identify and arrange their own job shadowing experiences.  Students should reach out to their school counselor for guidance or assistance with this task.

Any verified job-shadowing experiences conducted during the school day will count as an excused absence from school with verification from the employer.  Students must get an Experience Verification of Attendance Form signed by the employer and submit it to the Attendance Office within three days of the job shadow experience.

When participating in a job shadowing experience students should follow some of these key tips for success:

  1. Prepare questions ahead of time: You will have dedicated time with a professional within a field of industry of interest.  You should have prepared discussion questions so you can get the most out of your time.

  2. Dress Professionally: You will be entering a person’s professional workplace and should be dressed professionally.  If you have questions about dress attire, don't hesitate to ask the individual you are shadowing what their workplace dress code is.

  3. Bring something to write on/with: Do not plan to rely on others for paper or writing utensils.  Make sure you are taking notes and can document your experience for your required reflection activities.

  4. Pick a good time: Pick a time that works for your schedule as a student while taking into account the professionals schedule.

  5. Follow up: Make sure you reach out and thank the professional after your job shadowing experience for their time.

Job Shadowing experiences must be completed and all related reflection activities submitted by January 31st of a student's Senior Year.

In addition to Job Shadowing, students choosing pathway two must also complete 20 hours of community service.  

  • Hours can be acquired through school-based opportunities or those opportunities found by the student themselves from outside agencies organizations.  

  • Summer hours count with proper documentation.  

  • Court-mandated community service cannot be used towards this requirement.  

  • Acceptance of documentation in regards to service hours is at the discretion of the administration.  

  • Hours can be rejected if proper paperwork is not submitted with all of the required signatures.  

  • Students may not receive compensation of any kind in return for their service. 

AGCS Community Service documentation forms can be obtained via the Guidance Counselors or the Main Office.