Service Learning Project

Service Learning helps students build character by allowing them to foster and develop personal values, beliefs, awareness, self-esteem, confidence, a sense of empathy, and social responsibility.  Students can also focus service-learning project ideas within specific career clusters they are interested in. Service-learning is based on the reciprocal relationship between the school and the community; reinforcing the concept that service in the community strengthens learning in the classroom and helps solidify post-secondary goals.

  1. Student at AGCS may engage in focused service-learning projects (not to exceed two projects) totaling 60 hours of planning, preparation, and implementation.  

    1. Hours can be derived from the five stages of service learning – planning, preparation, execution, reflection, and celebration.

  2. Students must complete the AGCS Service Learning Proposal Form to the Guidance Office and all service projects must be approved prior to them starting.

  3. Students may work in a team, not to exceed 3 students, on a single, collaborative project proposal.

  4. Student, or student teams, will be required to track their own service learning hours via a personal log sheet.

  5. Each student, even when working in a team, will be responsible for a minimum 1500 word reflection paper focused on their proposal, learning, and alignment to future goals.

  6. Student, or student teams, will be responsible for a visual product and an oral presentation to a panel of AGCS teachers and administrators for evaluation.  This presentation will be scheduled at the conclusion of the service project and must be done by January 31st of a student’s (or group of student’s) senior year.  Scoring will be based on a predetermined rubric.

  7. Service Learning Projects must be completed and presented to the panel of evaluators by December 1st of a student's Senior Year.

Students successfully completing a service-learning project and receiving a passing grade will receive 1.0 non-replacement credits towards their transcript.  This credit is not weighted in a particular category but will be added to a student's final transcript upon graduation.