AGCS Spinsters Place Highly in PA

AGCS "Spinsters" Place Highly in PA Farm Show
Posted on 01/08/2020

On Wednesday January 8th, the Fiber Arts 2 class, which is also the “Spinsters” team, traveled to Harrisburg to compete in the fleece to shawl contest at the Pennsylvania farm show. They had three hours to card the fiber, spin the fiber into yarn, and weave the spun and carded fiber into a shawl.

The girls did a great job for their debut at the competition coming in fourth place for their shawl and winning the award for the best fleece, using a donated Blue faced Leicester/Shetland cross wool fleece. They also brought home a first and second place winning fleece that were donated by an anonymous donor to use for next year’s competition. In total they received 195 dollars in award money that will be going to the fiber arts program.

The Spinsters team are

  • Maggie Degler
  • Gail Santucci
  • Khloe Rapp
  • Alyssa Evans
  • Ana Hernandez-Bedolla
  • Margaret Johnston
  • Kenna Maffei
  • Fiber 1 alternate, Anna Oehrlein
  • Equipment manager, Grace Degler

The two coaches for the team were Ms. Fees and Mrs. Murray. A big thank you for all the sponsors who supported us in getting to the competition and the two parents who came with us, Mrs. Degler and Mrs. Hernandez.

Great job to all of the girls for participating and for their hard work.