K-6 Holiday Staff Videos

AGCS Holiday Staff Videos

Our annual Holiday Staff Videos have become a treasured tradition at our school, as well as an internet sensation! These videos show how special our school is and how much our staff loves our students. Each year, the kids can't wait to see what their teachers are going to do in these crazy episodes!


Ring in 2020 with our AGCS New Year's Rockin' Eve video, hosted by "Queen Bee" Mrs. Bishop and "Dr. Dee" Dr. Maitland. 2019 was a wonderful year with 525,600 minutes - Seasons of Love. Enjoy the party!

2019 Holiday Show Video: New Year's Rockin' Eve - Seasons of Love


You better watch out! Santa Claus is coming to town!! He's sent the Elf on the Shelf to see if our AGCS Friends are demonstrating PACK values. Don't forget that the third Code of the Elves states "The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheeris Singing Loud for All To Hear".

2018 Holiday Show Video: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

2013-2017 - The First Five Years

We don't know if it's because they love to perform, or if it's just because they love to put a smile on your children's faces, but our Teachers and Staff at the Avon Grove Charter School come alive in front of the video camera! Here's a sampling of our first five Holiday Show Staff Videos.

AGCS Holiday Teacher Video Review - 5 Years of Staff Videos (2013-2017)


This year's theme is the Power of ONE, so our staff took the opportunity to wish our AGCS family a "ONE"derful Holiday Season. The video is a bouncy, fun experience you won't want to miss! Follow it up with "Imagine" as our Teachers and Administrative Staff share why they love our school - and especially our Students!!

2017 Holiday Show Video: "ONE"derful Christmastime
2017 Imagine - a Reflection of the Students & Staff at AGCS


See how OUR SCHOOL ROCKS! Watch as the Avon Grove Charter School flash mob dances to Beyonce’s smash hit, Move Your Body! The teachers and staff of AGCS had so much fun making this! The students and parents were so excited when, at the end of the first showing of this video at the AGCS Christmas show, the teachers ran out and did the flash mob live on stage! You just can’t match the enthusiasm, the excitement, and the joy of this school and this community.

2016 Holiday Show Video: Move Your Body 


This sneak-peek at the most highly anticipated video of the year is sure to keep you giggling all day long! 

2015 Holiday Show Video - Teaser

'Peace throughout the World' was theme of the 2015 Christmas Holiday Show at Avon Grove Charter School. In this video, which was a special presentation prepared by the teachers at AGCS, teachers are shown in locations from right here in the school to places all over the world. Because Peace Starts Here at AGCS, and spreads throughout the world.2015 Holiday Show Video: Give Peace a Chance


AvonGrove Charter School teachers and staff get their punk on and rock out! And you can sing along with them as they sing "My Christmas List"(I Want Everything), by Simple Plan. Thank goodness our teachers aren't "more naughty than nice".

2014 Holiday Show Videos: More Naughty than Nice & My Christmas List

A very special thank you goes out to Mr. Tyree and the rest of the Tyree family for spending countless hours recording, editing, and finalizing our holiday video, as well as helping out during our Holiday Show performances! 


The staff video that started it all! It's a super fun holiday wish in which our staff hams it up with holiday hilariousness, followed by an incredibly touching, heartwarming tribute our wonderful staff. It begins with a very special thank you:

"We, the parents of the Avon Grove Charter School, would like to recognize you, the teachers and staff, for all that you do. We love to watch our children grow in your care. We love to watch your energy at work in our children's lives. We love to watch how devoted you are. Watching you, we are captivated."

2013 Holiday Show Videos: Merry Christmas Everyone & Captivated