School Performance Profile

While schools within Pennsylvania have previously received a No Child Left Behind designation under the federal education act, Pennsylvania public schools now receive an academic performance score known as the School Performance Profile.  The new School Performance Profile (SPP) follows specific guidelines outlined in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s NLCB waiver request that was approved in 2012.

This newly designed resource provides parents and the public with information regarding specific school based data reflected through the curricular programs offered as Avon Grove Charter School and student performance on state mandated testing.  The School Performance Profile specifically provides information regarding:

1. Indicators of Academic Achievements – 40 percent

  • Percent proficient or advanced on Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) mathematics, reading, science or writing tests/Keystone Exams
  • Percent competent or advanced on industry-standards based competency assessments
  • Percent proficient or advanced on Grade 3 PSSA reading exam
  • Advanced Placement (AP) achievement
  • SAT college-ready benchmark

2. Closing the Achievement Gap for All Students – 5 percent

  • Percent of gap closure met in mathematics, reading, science and writing. (This number is calculated by taking the percent of students proficient or advanced in each content area and subtracting that number from 100. Half of that number is then divided by six. A school is then expected to increase the percent of students proficient or advanced each year by that number.)

3. Closing the Achievement Gap for Historically Underperforming Students – 5 percent

  • Percent of gap closure met in mathematics, reading, science and writing. (This number is calculated the same as the other achievement gap element. The difference is that schools are measuring performance of three historically underperforming groups of students. A historically underperforming student group is a non-duplicated count of students with disabilities who have an individualized education plan, students who are English language learners and economically disadvantaged students who have not demonstrated proficiency historically.)

4. Indicators of Academic Growth – 40 percent

  • Meeting annual academic growth expectations in mathematics, reading, science and writing. (The Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System (PVAAS) is used in all areas. PVAAS is a statistical analysis of PSSA assessment data and provides districts and their schools with progress data to add to achievement data.)

5. Other Academic Indicators - 10 percent

  • Graduation rate – This includes a percentage of students in each school who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma.
  • Promotion rate – Used for schools without a graduation rate, this is a percent of students promoted in each grade for the school in the school year.
  • Attendance rate
  • Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or College Credit – This factor assesses whether or not a school offers rigorous courses.
  • PSAT/PLAN participation – This factor measures the percent of seniors who take the PSAT or Plan during their academic career.

For every public and charter school in Pennsylvania, these factors will be combined to add up to a single rating indicator of the school’s overall performance.  These scores are reported as a total out of 100 possible points. 

While there are many factors that contribute to the success of a school community, Avon Grove Charter School continues to believe that the rigorous curricular offerings, positive school climate, and outstanding academic program continue to prepare our students for any post-secondary goals.

With the recent release of our 2015-2016 School Performance Profile score, Avon Grove Charter will be analyzing our school specific data to evaluate our curricular offerings and support systems for enrolled students.  This information provides us valuable, data driven, feedback in order to make substantial progress regarding the proficiency level of our students.

For more information regarding the School Performance Profile, please visit the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile website or utilize the informational documents below.