Keystone Alternative Pathways

This past Fall, after years of debate within our legislature, Governor Wolf signed into law Act 158, which provides for expanded graduation options related to Keystone Exam requirements beginning with the class of 2022.  This bill and its “alternative pathways” provide Avon Grove Charter School and its students who do not pass all three Keystone Exams increased flexibility in meeting the state’s graduation requirements.

According to Act 158, there will be several different pathways that students can use in order to graduate from Avon Grove Charter School.  Those options include utilizing one of the following:

  • Pass all three Keystone Exams

  • Pass Keystone Exams using a composite score as long as one of the test scores if proficient or higher

  • Pass district coursework with additional evidence as part of a career portfolio

  • Pass alternate tests, with specific cut scores, such as the NOTCI, NIMS, ACT, SAT, or AP exams

  • Pass via meeting goals written in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP)

There are many details related to each of the above pathway options which will continue to be reviewed/discussed during the 2019-2020 school year.

Participation in each of the three Keystone Exams continues to be a requirement and proficiency should still be each students’ goal.  Avon Grove Charter School provides its students with as many opportunities as possible for remediation and re-testing to demonstrate proficiency.

If a Parent/Guardian were to “opt out” their child from the Keystone Exams, they will automatically default to needing to meet the requirements set forth in one of the state’s alternative pathways.