Not Planning On Returning to AGCS in 20-21?

Not Planning On Returning to AGCS in 20-21?
Posted on 05/25/2020

As the end of the year draws closer, many families begin to solidify their plans for the upcoming academic year.  While we never wish to see students leave our AGCS family, if you are not planning on returning to AGCS, we ask that you kindly fill out the attached “Office Notice of Pupil Withdrawal” for our Child Accounting Office as soon as possible.

We realize that amid the current COVID-19 pandemic and school closure that many of you may not have had these discussions yet, however, your updated academic plans for next year school are essential for us in terms of planning and preparation.

This form must be completed to formally withdraw your student from AGCS and helps our school accurately project student enrollment numbers, review staffing needs, offer enrollment to other prospective families, and prepare your student’s records for transfer to their new schools/districts.

Completed withdrawal forms can be:

Mailed to: 110 East State Road, West Grove, PA 19390

Faxed to: 610-869-5892

Scan and emailed to:

Due to the current school closure and potential lack of access to printers/scanners for our families, if you are unable to complete the attached form and return it via the methods above, but intend to withdraw, please email and make our Enrollment Department aware.  They can then follow up with you directly to receive a copy of the withdrawal paper closer to the end of the year and prepare your records for transfer in the meantime.

Failure to complete this withdrawal form or notify the Enrollment Office can delay the preparation and transfer of your academic records to your next school.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the AGCS Enrollment office with any questions.

AGCS Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal.pdf
AGCS Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal (Spanish).pdf