AGCS Letter to Coatesville Parents

AGCS Responds and Corrects Misinformation in the Coatesville Area School District
Posted on 01/08/2020

Correcting Misinformation in the Coatesville Area School District

Tuesday, January 14th
RE: Special Coatesville Board Meeting Tonight

Dear AGCS parents residing in the Coatesville District,

Please join us tonight at the Special Coatesville Board Meeting tonight at the Coatesville Area High School, 1445 Lincoln Hwy, Coatesville, PA 19320 at 6:00 PM. We appreciate your commitment and time to attend tonight’s meeting. In addition to the special board meeting there will be multiple committee meetings. Therefore, it has been communicated that it will be a long evening. Our humble thanks for any time you can devote to representing Avon Grove Charter School.

We acknowledge and understand that Coatesville Area School District has faced numerous leadership and management issues for the last decade and encourage the community to work together to help Coatesville get back on its feet. However, the effort to improve the Coatesville Area School District should not be at the expense of Avon Grove Charter School. All children who reside in Coatesville Area School District, whether they attend CASD or a charter school are losing out when the adults can not work together on their behalf. The most recent communication released from Coatesville Area School District focused on trying to highlight funding issues between CASD and AGCS. Public school funding, along with how public charter schools are funded is a complicated issue, however, we believe it is important that constituents have a clear understanding of the basic premise regarding the allocation of charter school funds and how it relates to their home school districts.  Please download and read:

Infographic to better illustrate the flow of charter school funding

Talking Points - Fact versus Fiction

Our leadership will continue to work through this issue to the best of our ability. We will remain focused on the importance of what we do, who we serve as well as the continued development of our educational program. On behalf of the Avon Grove Charter School, we thank you for your time and commitment to our school.


Kristen Bishop
Avon Grove Charter School
Head of School 

More Information:

Please watch highlights of the AGCS Head of School reading of the official response to CASD Facebook Live Post (edited for length - please download and read AGCS Responds and Corrects Misinformation in Coatesville Area SD for complete response).

You can help! Please contact your local legislators below. We've drafted sample letters with key points for you to download and use. Call or write:

Senator Andrew Dinniman 
One North Church Street
West Chester, PA 19380 
Senator Dinniman 2020-Charter Funding Coatesville-WORD Format 
Senator Dinniman 2020-Charter Funding Coatesville-PDF

Representative Dan Williams

496 E Lincoln Hwy
Thorndale, PA  19372
Rep. Williams 2020-Charter Funding Coatesville-WORD Format 
Rep. Williams 2020-Charter Funding Coatesville-PDF

Governor Tom Wolf
Office of the Governor
508 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA  17120
Gov. Wolf 2020-Charter Funding Coatesville-WORD Format 
Gov. Wolf 2020-Charter Funding Coatesville-PDF

Visit our Legislation Webpage for a full list of Chester County Legislators, with links to their websites.