Early Release Program

Avon Grove Charter School is pleased to extend to qualifying seniors an early release program option.  The early release program offers students who have a study hall during the last period of the day to be dismissed from campus early.

Students applying for early release must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. )Grade Point Average Requirement: A student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or greater at the time of the application.  Students must then maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 throughout the year.  Failure to maintain this basic academic standing will result in the loss of early release until the requirement is met.  Students may then be added to academic classes or study hall periods based on administrations discretion.
  2. )Availability of Schedule: Students applying for early release must have open availability in their schedule and be free of all obligations during the afternoon.  Students may not drop core classes or request alternative options (i.e. online languages) to free periods for early release.
  3. )Available Transportation: Students are responsible for their own transportation.  The Student Passenger Permission form must be on file from the both students’ parents/guardians if requesting to leave the school premises with another student.  Students must also apply for parking if requesting early release and providing their own transportation.  Parking spots are provided to students based on a hierarchy of needs system.  Parking is not guaranteed no matter what the individual circumstance.  Students will lose this privilege and if applicable their parking privilege if found helping other students to leave school property without proper permission.
  4. )Satisfactory Attendance Record:  Students are permitted no more than a combined five (5) unexcused absences/tardy to school within a marking period in order to maintain their early release privileges.  Students who accumulate five (5) unexcused absences will have their early release privileges revoked and will be asked to use the time to make up missing work.  Early release privileges will not be reinstated until the following marking period.
  5. )Parent/Guardian Permission: Both the student and the parent/guardian must sign the request and agreement form for early release.  The parent/guardian may withdraw this permission at any time.


  • Seniors eligible for early release must leave school promptly at either the beginning of 7th or 8th period.
  • Students will not disturb classes that are in session in their exit of the building.
  • Students will exit the parking lot in an orderly, prompt, and safe fashion.
  • Any student who leaves school with another student who does not have permission to either leave or ride in the vehicle will have their early release privileges revoked.
  • Disciplinary infractions during the normal school day may result in the loss of privileges

In order to apply for early release, please complete and submit the Early Release Request Form to the High School Guidance Office.