The Energized Guyz Come to 3rd-5th Grade

The Energized Guyz Come to 3rd-5th Grade
Posted on 03/28/2017
National Theatre for Children Presents

The Energized Guyz

June 1st - During School
3rd-5th Grade Students

We're excited to announce this very special performance for our students! The Energized Guyz is an educational assembly for elementary students that teaches about energy efficiency and conservation. In this 25-minute interactive comedy, junior superhero Nikki Neutron is on a mission to stop energy from being wasted all over town. Along the way, Nikki and our students learn important lessons about energy efficiency and conservation - and even convince the crafty villain, the Sneaker, to join the cause.

This show is brought to us by PECO Smart Ideas. They even provide educational materials for our teachers and students, as well as digital games and activities for the classroom. Our students will be exploring these in the weeks before the performance.

After the show, make sure to ask your children about what they learned!