The Power of 1 Assemblies and Photos

The Power of One Assemblies and Photos
Posted on 09/05/2017

The Power of One
Monthly Assemblies

We will be embracing our new school theme, “The Power of One” in many ways throughout the year. Our all-school assemblies each month will be the main avenue to share with each other how the Power of One person, one classroom, one school, one community can make a difference.

At each assembly, we will recognize one staff member, one student, one group of employees, or a community member that has made a difference. We will post pictures to our AGCS Facebook page after all assemblies so you can see the amazing things the students and staff are doing.

Just like last year, we are going to continue asking parents to send in pictures of their child/children, wearing our school-themed shirts (either last year’s shirt or you can order this year’s shirt). Please send the pictures to your child’s classroom teacher. The change this year is the picture of your child needs to be a picture where he/she is “making a difference” in the life of someone else. It can be volunteering in the community, helping mommy with a project at home, etc. We want to highlight that the Power of ONE child can make a difference. Our students are not too young to make a difference. We ALL can make a difference.