Business Office

Welcome to the Avon Grove Charter School Business Office!

The Business Office provides fiscal management, business, and operational support to the Avon Grove Brick & Mortar Charter School. Our office develops the charter school’s budget, other essential federal and state financial documents and provides accounting and administrative services to our school community, including payroll, accounts payable,accounts receivable, purchasing, student data, state reporting and information technology.

The Business Office's Mission

To deliver the best services possible to support the academic mission of the Avon Grove Brick & Mortar Charter School by providing accurate and timely financial information; and ensuring that effective management allows for the efficient and appropriate use of all financial resources available.

Business Office Contacts

Business Office
1 Commerce Blvd Suite 205
West Grove, PA 19390
Phone: 610-869-6290
Fax: 484-667-4100

Ms. Archer Donna Archer
Business Administrator
Chief Financial Officer
Mrs Winiarski Susan Winiarski
Administrative Assistant to 
the Business Administrator
610-869-6290 x100 
Mrs Hampton Heather Hampton
Accounting Supervisor
610-869-6290 x106
Mrs Baiocco  Terri Baiocco
Accounts Receivable Associate
610-869-6290 x105
Ms Brandenberger  Diane Brandenberger
Purchasing Associate
610-869-6290 x 110
Mrs Schmidt  Jennifer Schmidt
Student Data Coordinator
484-667-5000 x396 
Mrs Phillips
Nora Phillips
Student Data Specialist/Webmaster
610-869-6290 x113