Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Plan is a revised process developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in 2012.  Avon Grove Charter School is part of the second phase of schools and districts across the state to utilize this process for its school's strategic planning purposes which replaced the old "Strategic Plan' framework.  This new process is closely aligned with the goals of analyzing school wide data in decision making as AGCS makes future educational goals.  The plan calls for input from all departments, administration, school board members, students, parents, staff, and community members.  

The Comprehensive Plan was developed as a progression of core elements consisting of a District Profile, Core Foundations, Assurances, Needs Assessment, and finally a School Level strategic plan.  The Comprehensive Planning Team (CPT) will analyze school data, programs, and procedures and develop goals to address systemic challenges that AGCS faces.

The Head of School, Principal, and Divisional Administrators will oversee the planing process as a whole and within specific sub-committee's based on the initial need's assessment.  Scheduled meetings for the whole Comprehensive Planning Team, as well as specific sub-groups, will be held from November 2015 through September 2016.  The goal of the whole-committee meetings will be to provide high level analysis of school data and systems and for sub-groups to report out of their individual groups progress within the planning framework.  Sub-committee groups will meet individually to analyze data and develop strategic plans to meet the identified goals.  The whole CPT committee will meet at least monthly throughout the planning cycle with sub-committee meeting at a minimum of twice a month. 

The facilitate communication with our school and community, the school will also create a public portion of the website devoted to the Comprehensive Planning Team and the school's progress in the planning process.  Whole-group and sub-committee meetings agendas/minutes and presentations will be posted for public viewing along with a collaborative element for stakeholders not involved in the formal process to contribute and share their ideas.  A portion of each school board meeting during the 2015-2016 school year will also be dedicated to an update on the Comprehensive Planning Team's progress and plans.

The action plans that come out of the planning process will help point the direction of future school initiatives, programs, and policies.  We are seeking participation from our students, parents, and community members to ensure that all stakeholders have an investment in the development of the action plans and that multiple perspectives are taken into account when mapping out the future of our school.  

For more information about the Department of Education's Comprehensive Planning process please visit their website.