End of Year Lunch Account Notice

End of Year Lunch Account Notice
Posted on 05/24/2018

Parents are encouraged to keep a positive lunch balance in their student’s cafeteria accounts during the school year.

All positive balances in grades 3-11 will carried forward to the 2018-2019 school year. All negative lunch accounts must be paid in full by June 15th.

Please check your parent portal account or School Café account to obtain your students balance information.
You may send your payment to school directly, via check made payable to AGCS or a cash payment. You may also use your account at Schoolcafe.com to pay with a credit card (Please note: a fee will be charged by Schoolcafe by anyone utilizing this credit card option).

Please feel free to contact the Food Services Department if you have any further questions. You may email us at  lbankoski@ agcharter.org or gpoliski@agcharter. We are also available by phone @ 484 667 5000 extension 313 or 312.

Thank You for your support of the lunch program here at AGCS!