2017-2018 AGCS Academic Calendar

2017-2018 AGCS Academic Calendar
Posted on 03/22/2017

At the March 21st School Board meeting, the Board approved the 2017-2018 academic calendar.

During the month of February, AGCS distributed to its families a draft version of the proposed calendar and asked for feedback.

AGCS Administration read all of the parental and staff feedback and proposed four (4) revisions to the proposed calendar at the March 21st board working session and board meeting.  The calendar, with these revisions, was voted upon and approved by the board.

Revision #1: November 20th and November 21st are scheduled as half-days of school with afternoon and evening conference blocks.  (Original proposal had these two days listed as a full day off of school for students)

Revision #2: The last day of school for students is listed as Friday, June 8th. (Original proposal had the last day of school listed as Tuesday, June 12th)

Revision #3: The student half days and conference blocks scheduled in March are scheduled for Monday, March 12th and Tuesday, March 13th.  (Original proposal had these scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th and Thursday, March 15th)

Revision #4: Snow make up days will be utilized as follows: June 11-15, March 26-28, June 18-29.  Our goal is to have students end the school year as early as possible in the month of June.  (Original proposal was June 11-22, March 26-28, June 25-29)

Attached is a copy of the approved 2017-2018 academic calendar for your review.

Thank you to all that submitted feedback related to the calendar proposal,

AGCS Administration

AGCS 2017-2018 School Calendar.pdf