Middle States Accreditation Process

Avon Grove Charter School is proud to announce that it is currently in the final stages of it's re-accreditation process through the Middle States Commissions on Elementary & Secondary Schools (MSC-ESS).  

This process was a unique opportunity for Avon Grove Charter School, in conjunction with it's Comprehensive Planning Process via the Pennsylvania Department of Education, to review our core mission and vision and use those examined beliefs to evaluate our effectiveness within the total school operation. 

This year-long process examined, at length, Avon Grove Charter School’s system of academics, school services, school leadership and governance, communication, enrollment, finances, and facilities and management during our self-study process.

Avon Grove Charter School has completed a self-study protocol that used strategic planning as an opportunity to establish school-wide objectives for growth and improvement in student performance. The protocol provided guidance to team members in collecting essential data and information that was analyzed and used to produce objectives, measurable goals, and action plans for improvement.

Once data and information was collected, standard area planning teams were assembled. These teams analyzed the data and information collected in the self-study and formulated improvement objectives, measurable goals, and action plans in the areas of Student Performance and Organizational Capacity.  Avon Grove Charter School's approved goals and objectives can be found below.

The final summative work, including the self-study, improvement objectives, measurable goals and action plans, will be submitted to Middle States for review and approval during the month of April. This work, in conjunction with a Middle States team visit, will be used to evaluate Avon Grove Charter School for accreditation.

We are grateful to the faculty, staff, students and parents who have served on committees that have explored the kind of school we are, and the kind of school we want to be.  A Middle States accreditation team will visit Avon Grove Charter School from Tuesday, May 2
nd through Friday, May 5th.  Parents and students will be given the opportunity to meet with members of the visiting team to discuss the school’s academic programs and operations and provide feedback to the team.  A schedule for parental involvement will be shared closer to the visit.  The visiting team will present their final report to the faculty and student body on Friday afternoon, May 5th.

For more information regarding the self-study protocol AGCS will be undergoing, please view or download the
MSA-CESS Excellence by Design Self-Study and Accreditation Guide.

Please return to this site for periodic program updates.