Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Your Child to Work Day
Posted on 04/12/2018

Dear AGCS Families -

As you may know, Thursday April 26th is Take Your Child to Work day. This program helps teach kids about the work world of their parents and gets them thinking about their own careers. First begun in 1993 by the Foundation for Women as “Take Our Daughters to Work Day”, the annual program has since also included sons on this special day, traditionally held on the fourth Thursday in April.

This day is an excused absence with prior notification if your student has not exceeded the 10-day limit for parent-excused absences. With documentation from the company or event, the day is coded to not count against the student's ten allowed parent-excused absences. If the student has exceeded the 10-day limit, the documentation must be provided for the day to be excused.

If your son or daughter will be participating in this event, please send a note in before the 26th, or email the attendance office at attendance@agcharter.org.  

Thank you!