Take Your Child to Work Day

PSSA & Take Your Child to Work Day
Posted on 03/10/2019

Good morning AGCS Community,

This year, National “Take Your Child to Work Day” coincides with the Department of Education’s PSSA ELA testing window. Our school’s current procedure is that we do not excuse non-medical absences on our published PSSA testing dates for children who are scheduled to complete the assessments. While we highly encourage participation in “Take Your Child to Work Day” as a way to expose children to occupations and career pathways, we will continue to follow the school’s attendance procedures related to state assessment windows this school year.

The PSSA’s assessments typically conclude around 11:15 am in the morning on testing days. If still wishing to participate in “Take Your Child to Work Day” we ask that parents arrange an early dismissal activity rather than missing the full day of school. Please keep in mind that to have this count as an excused early dismissal, documentation supporting your child’s shadowing from the place of work would need to be provided.

We have looked at trying to adjust the testing days to accommodate families, however, the Department of Education does not provide much “wiggle” room regarding eligible testing days and when we have to have student assessments packed and mailed back to the state for scoring.

We hope you understand and apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you,
The AGCS Administration